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Baroon Steel Trading and Contracting Co.




Supply of various types of beams (IPE) and (CPE) from 80 to 600 mm

Selling domestic products such as Ahwaz Iron Ore, Faiko, Aryan Foulad, Yazd, Nab Tabriz, Eshtehard, and Mahan Kermanshah.

Sales of imported products, from Europe, Turkey, Russia, Korea in different categories

Major domestic sales (light and heavy) such as spiral steel, Lebanon, Tabriz, Aryan Steel, Zanjan, Sepahan, Shakht, Zohorian Steel, and Selling imported products such as Turkey, China

HEB or IPB beams

Wide flange

Heavyweight (HEB) Lightweight (HEA) from 100 to 1000 according to European standard

Sale of European products, Turkey, Korea and Iran